Thursday, October 8, 2009

So close!

OK, so there are VERY few foods that we don't eat in our house.  I don't care for a couple things such as, sea urchin and brussel sprouts but my husband has a small list of foods he does not like.  It isn't long but it includes olives, capers, and fennel.  I happen to love all three.  I always think that if I prepare one of these items differently he will miss them and viola! we will have a list with one less item.  This is NEVER the case!  So goes the story of dinner on Tuesday...

I found a simple recipe that had two things that appealed to me. 

1) It used a paste of garlic and lemon zest on the chicken.  Lemon and garlic are two of my favorite flavors together, not most favorite though!  ;) 
2) It also included fennel in a medley of vegatables that were roasted with the chicken. 

I thought that maybe if the fennel was mixed in with other flavors and roasted until almost sweet I would sneak it by.  No such luck!  Just as we were finishing dinner, my husband announces that there is a flavor that he doesn't like.  He kindly asks "is it fennel?"  Busted! 

I really liked the dish.  It was a bed of zucchini, roma tomatoes, fennel, and thyme roasted with garlic lemon chicken.  I found the flavors to be subtle and comforting.


  1. I'm thinking maybe leave out the things that you know other people don't like



  2. Your Uncle always catches me in such deceptions.As my father used to say "you don't know what your missing". Keep trying!


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