Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall in New England!

I was lucky enough to get to spend sometime with my parents this past weekend at their home in New York State on the Vermont border.  I haven't been home for the foliage in almost 6 years and was painfully reminded of how breathtaking it is there this time of year.  Can you imagine enjoying this view while having a cup of coffee in the morning?!

After being well-caffeinated, my Mom and I went to do some apple picking at Hick's Orchard.  We picked a bushel of apples in maybe 15 minutes.  I think it took us longer to drive and park then actually fill our bags.  We chose Jonagold and Spy apples. 

My Mom loves to use Spy apples for baking.  I picked a bunch so be ready for apple crisp (my husband's favorite) and apple cake (my favorite).  After picking we went to the barn to get some fresh apple cider, apple butter, and cider donuts.  My nephews gulped down the apple cider this morning and the donuts didn't last more than a day!

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