Thursday, October 6, 2011

Challah Bread

Why is it as soon as a the days turn even the slightest bit cool I want to bake?  It is as if my oven preheats on it's own and I have no choice but to oblige.

I adore the smell of bread baking...then again who doesn't? Whether you partake of gluten or not, I think that most of us would agree that few things top the way a loaf of bread baking transforms a home.  I venture to take it as far as to say that the scent of bread baking is more enjoyable than eating.  But that might be too far...

In addition to to the scent of bread baking, another thing I just love is the blog Smitten Kitchen.  Great photos, inspired recipes and a vast palate.  My kind of place to hang around a bit.  This recipe for Challah Bread was found there.  As I saw this recipe I actually gasped.  So gorgeous and the instructions were not intimidating at all.

So with some of my favorite kitchen tools in use I followed the recipe.  I was not disappointed.  Out of my oven came a beautiful round of sweet and moist bread. Appropriately so my house was filled with a fantastic  aroma.  I loved the apples used in the recipe...a new twist on a classic.  

This recipe should definitely make it into your "to try" folder.  Check out Smitten Kitchen and follow her great recipe!

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  1. mmm, i need to show this to my husband so he'll make it for me!


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