Thursday, February 10, 2011

What a mess!

I have made Giada's Chocolate Amaretti Cake more times than I can count!  It is a great dessert and I love to make them in mini-muffin tins.  It has been one of my go to desserts for years.

While I recently made this recipe to have as a dessert for a few friends stopping by.  I made them in my nonstick mini-muffin tin and decided to forgo the liners.  It is nonstick after all...

To say that I had a difficult time getting the cakes out is a complete understatement.  The ones that did emerge were scarred.

So now what? 

My husband suggested making a trifle.  Too many more things to make.

Then is hit me.

I once saw a show where Ina Garten used vanilla ice cream that was melted for a sauce.  I had a container of Breyer's Vanilla in the freezer.  So, I further crumbled the cakes into individual glasses and covered them in my sauce.

I think they look pretty great considering the humble beginnings of this dessert.

        Lessons learned...

              -Use muffin tin liners

              -Always have some vanilla ice cream on hand, just in case!

What lesson have you learned from a kitchen blunder?


  1. I'm chuckling that that your husband knows what a trifle is! -Christy

  2. Smart save. I would have thought they were ruined and eaten them all myself, to save the embarrassment of serving them to others of course.
    I used a "non stick" pan as well, but I scraped a knife around the sides and pulled them out while they were still hot, and they came out nicely.

  3. They look sensational. Love the addition of vanilla ice cream!


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