Sunday, May 30, 2010

Chong Dae Gam Galbi

A family we are getting to know pretty well at church invited us to lunch at their favorite place for Korean Barbecue, Chong Dae Gam Galbi.   We were super late getting there after traffic and difficulty finding the restaurant since none of the signs are in English...only Korean.

The trip was so worth it.  Our friend ordered everything, all in Korean.  He is pretty sure that if we went without someone who spoke Korean we would be unable to order.

It was so fantastic!  We had Korean barbecue one other time when a friend made her mother's short rib recipe, which was also quite fantastic!  Since we were eating at the restaurant every Korean side dish came to the table.  I was stunned at the amount of dishes on the table and that I recognized so few things.  Our friend ordered steak for our main dish and it was amazing.  I am running out of superlative words to describe our lunch today!!

I have a picture that was taken by a phone.  It is hard to see everything but it gives you an idea of how many dishes came to the table.  If you are in for any adventure, go check it out!

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