Saturday, March 6, 2010

Apple Brie Tartines

I had a few dear friends over last night, they are three amazing women.  My day however was not as amazing.  I came home thinking, I'll just put a couple things together and then get a long workout in.  Well,  the couple things turned into tartines, pantry pasta salad, chocolate bark, a pitcher of Pimm's and a pretzel and cheese plate.  My workout turned into a really quick 3 mile run.  I think that being in the kitchen quietly helped me to process my day and prepare to spend a relaxing evening with my friends.  I promise to post the other dishes I made but for right now here are the tartines...

4 slices of good bread, I used Rosemary Olive oil
1/2 of a crisp apple sliced very thin, I used a pink lady
4oz of Brie, I like double cream
4 slices of smoked turkey
1-2 TBS of Dijon mustard

Toast the bread, very lightly.  Spread the Dijon mustard over each piece of bread.  To build the tartine, place the piece of turkey on the bread, then one layer of Brie cheese, and lastly the apples.  Bake at 400degrees for 10 minutes.  I used my toaster oven and did not use a sheet pan.  Be sure to not use more than one layer of Brie as if you use more your tartine may just slide apart.  Also, your apples are your top layer, so the more enticing they look, the faster they will disappear from your serving plate!  Enjoy!


  1. YUM! Brie and apples = simple and fantastic looking!

  2. I am glad that Friday saved itself, with your help of course. The tartines look great! Miss you. :(


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