Monday, February 15, 2010

Where have I been?

One might ask.  I haven't posted anything in five days....not that long but I have been eating well so I thought I might share the timeline of my food for the past few days.

Friday: I am an Olympic junkie.  I just cannot stop watching it.  I love the valor of the athletes and the patriotic attitude atomosphere.  Speed skating is my favorite sport to watch but I love them all.  So in this theme I hosted some friends to watch the opening ceremonies and eat some American fare.I made a big pot of Turkey Chili and cornbread muffins.  My friends brought chicken wings, apple crisp with vanilla ice cream, pigs in a blanket (a healthy version of course), Sam Adams Boston Lager, and Whole Foods bite-sized desserts.  It was a great mix of people and food.

Saturday: We had a couple over to watch the long and short track speed skating events.  I was so inspired by the athlete from the Netherlands that won the 5000m and Apolo Anton Ohno's quarterfinal 1500m race.  In order to best enjoy this evening, what could be better than a good bottle of Chianti and pizza from the Italian Store?  Delicious!

Sunday: Valentines Day....ugh!  After a low key afternoon of leftovers and Olympics we headed to our favorite Mexican restaurant for Mahi Mahi tacos and margaritas!  Yum!

Monday:  My husband and I have loved sushi for a long time.  It is a splurge, cheap sushi is not a good thing, so we don't go very often.  Tonight though we were both in the mood for some high quality fish and well below our monthly food budget.  We headed out to Endo Sushi, our favorite place, to enjoy a great dinner.  We started with vegetable tempura.  We chose a Sakura and California Sunrise roll.  Sakura is a sweet, tangy roll with salmon, ahi tuna, and white tuna.  California Sunrise is a spicy tuna roll topped with avocado and ahi tuna.  We also had some sashimi pieces of salmon, yellowtail, and scallop.  It is by far the best sushi we have found in the area.

I know, no pictures but it was indeed good eating.  Stay tuned for my version of Moroccan lemon chicken in the slow cooker.


  1. 5000000 meter and 1500000 meter are really long i don't know how I missed the coverage ahhahah

  2. sorry I just couldn't resist


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