Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tangier Island

OK, I need to preface this post by saying that I am aware of the ridiculousness that is my life!

Tangier Island is in Chesapeake Bay, off the coast of Virginia.  It was settled in 1686.  It is a simple town with no cars.  Many of the townspeople work in the fishing industry.  My husband has wanted to fly there for quite awhile (this is the ridiculous part).  So, yesterday afternoon my husband, brother-in-law and I embarked on a small adventure for lunch.

We landed on the small island which has a small runway.  All went very well.  We had heard that the crab cakes were amazing at Waterfront Restaurant, so that is where we headed for lunch.  A man and his wife were kind enough to give us a lift to in their golf cart.  The town is so small that you can walk everywhere but many people use golf carts to get around.  

This crab cake did not disappoint.  It had very little filler.  The crab was sweet and delicious.  A fantastic lunch with a pretty nice view too!

All and all in was a great afternoon.  It was so nice to get out of the city and walk the streets of this quiet village.  Still though it is crazy that we flew somewhere to get lunch!  

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