Sunday, May 1, 2011


I am so excited to share my trip with you all.  It was an amazing time with friends, spectacular views, and culinary adventures!

I have enjoyed many meals on the beach but the views in Thailand from our tables were unreal!

Not to mention the incredible food.  The main difference I perceived between the food in Thailand and Thai food in the States was that each flavor was distinct.  The flavors were much less muddled.  

This Chicken with Green Curry was fantastic!  It had great balance where the spicy chiles did not keep you from enjoying the entire dish.

This Chicken Lemongrass Soup had a flavor combination that I had not experienced before.  I don't use lemongrass very often.  The combination of coconut and lemongrass for the broth created a solid base for the chicken, vegetable, and chile in the soup.

One day we drove out the the National Park to hike up to a waterfall.  It has about seven levels and was surrounded by dense tropics.  

There was a small cafe at the park.  Surprisingly enough I had one of my favorite meals there, Stir-fried Rice with Seafood.  The vegetables and seafood were so fresh, delicious!

One night (and really only one night) we ventured away from Thai cuisine and hit an Indian restaurant.  I think all six of us agreed it was one of the better meals from our Thailand vacation!  Part of what made the evening was that each of us passed our dish around the table.  Everyone was enjoying what they had ordered so much that they wanted to share the love!  My favorite combination....good food with good friends!  I enjoyed every bite of my Chicken Jalfrezi.

Again, a great trip!  One thing that has come up as I share is that Thailand is as beautiful as you think it is AND everyone should visit!  Enjoy!


  1. Loved sharing yummy food with you!!!!! See you guys again soon!

  2. that looks great! this looks like an amazing trip too.

  3. what a great experience, and i'm glad you got to experience their cuisine too, it all looks beautiful and delicious!

  4. You just really made me want to take a vacation! Gorgeous!


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