Sunday, February 20, 2011

Some things I am trying...

I know I can get stuck in ruts.  The same ingredients.  The same restaurants.  The same cookbooks.  The same menus planned each week.

Sometimes, I need to force myself out of the rut.  So I have been trying some new things.  They may be small things but I am enjoying them nonetheless!

  • A whole Branzino fish (I didn't even let the waiter filet it for me!)
  • Almond milk instead of cow's milk
  • Having an actual lunch (as opposed to scarfing down a turkey wrap in 30seconds)
  • Belgium Ales, my favorite is a Dark Abbey Ale.
  • Cooking with a LOT less salt.
  • Getting to the grocery store at 7am on Saturdays.  This way there is no one there and I am able wander.
  • A cup of Chai tea in the afternoon instead of sweets or coffee.
  • Exercising six days a week.

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