Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cannoli Dip with Strawberries

We were invited to a friend's house for a barbecue.  They invited some of their neighbors as well.  Everything was so good.  Our host made this great bean/avocado/corn dip that was really good.  I am going to have to get the recipe.  I especially loved the texture.  She also had pasta salad that had fresh peas in it.  What a great idea!

I wanted to bring something.  So, we brought hummus dip and cannoli dip with strawberries.

This is the perfect dip for strawberries.  I used part-skim ricotta cheese and next time I will go for the whole ricotta.  Mine was a bit thin and I think this will help to thicken it a bit.  I must say that most of the recipes I have used from the Tasty Kitchen have been excellent and this is no exception!  Enjoy! 

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