Friday, June 11, 2010

Pizza Night!

It has been a really busy week. My husband and I really needed a quiet night with a good pizza.  So I fired up the oven and got the pizza stone heated up.  The pizza stone really makes the crust so much better, definitely a good idea if you make pizza at home.  I roasted some Roma tomatoes and cooked up some Italian chicken sausage.  Add some reduced fat Italian cheese and pizza sauce and you have yourself a really good pizza.  I find that roasting the tomatoes before putting them on the pizza prevents a soggy pizza center.  I also love that I can find Hot Italian chicken sausage fresh at my local grocery store.  I have to admit I stopped at two small pieces but I really wanted a third.  Enjoy!

Hope you are doing some relaxing at home this weekend too!


  1. I would hold the chicken... but keep the rest. And roasting the tomatoes is such a good idea!!

  2. There is no better way to relax at home than with pizza! I'm with you - a pizza stone is essential.


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