Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mustard Cheddar Turkey Burgers

We did a killer ride in the morning and the thought of eating, let alone cooking, sounded exhausting.  I needed something easy, something fast, something satisfying.  I just started pulling stuff from the refrigerator.  It worked, thank goodness!

Honestly though, it was good burger.  I really think the key was great ingredients.  I used Irish Cheddar, great whole grain mustard, and sweet peppers.  Give it a shot, let me know what you think.

Mustard Cheddar Turkey Burgers

1 lb of ground turkey breast (99% fat-free)
2 TBS of whole grain mustard
1/2 cup of grated cheddar cheese
1/2 bell pepper, finely diced
1/2 tsp of black pepper
1 TBS of olive oil
4 English muffins, toasted
spinach leaves
whole grain mustard

In a medium bowl combine the turkey breast, mustard, cheese, bell pepper, black pepper, and olive oil.  Make sure to not compress the meat too much but incorporate well.  Form into 4 equal patties.  Let them sit for at least 30 minutes prior to grilling.  Grill over medium-low heat.  Serve with English muffin topped with mustard and spinach leaves.  Enjoy!

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  1. oh wow this looks delicious!! i've been craving a turkey burger. might have to make some soon!!


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