Sunday, April 25, 2010

Food for thought....

This post is more focused on what I haven't been eating...

On Saturday night at 6pm my husband and I finished the World Vision 30hr Famine with the Middle School and High School students from our church.  In doing so the group learned about a piece of what it means to be impoverished and a victim of injustice, hunger.  A secondary benefit is that the students raised over $1000 to send to Haiti through World Vision.

I have never fasted before.  The last 3 hours were REALLY hard!  It was amazing to see the way the students responded.  We had everything from perfectly fine to shutting down.  They all did amazing!  We ended the famine with a BBQ.  I think we could have served anything though.  The kept asking questions about what were we having all weekend.  With mention of each item they got more excited.  We are so very blessed that we were able to end our short famine.  This weekend brought to light even more the injustice that occurs in our world.

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  1. A good deed.
    We seldom realise how blessed we are.


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