Sunday, January 24, 2010

Harar Mesob

My husband and I went to dinner with some good friends to try a new type of food, Ethiopian.  We love trying new stuff, especially when someone we are dining with knows more than we do about the cuisine.  Our friend lived in Ethiopia for awhile so he was able to direct us in ordering, actually we just let him order everything!  Thanks!

Oh my goodness, you have to find an Ethipian restaurant and try this!  We went to Harar Mesob.  Most of the dishes are stews.  The meat is incredibly tender.  A classic spice used is mitmita, it is intense and smoky.  We had Yebeg Tibs, Yedoro Wot, and the special veggie combo #2.  All the dishes are served with injera (spongy bread) which is also your utensil.  Everything is served in a large platter that the whole table shares, this makes Ethiopian a very social meal to share with others.  I loved it!

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  1. Oh yummy. Justin and I used to get our Ethiopian food fix at Etete on 9th street. If you are in the district check it out.


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