Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yorktown Bistro

So tonight was one of those weeknights. One where there is no food in the refrigerator and no energy to create a pantry meal. We spotted a sign declaring 1/2 price pizza night at Yorktown Bistro. A place we thought would be worth a try but was in an odd location. It sits in this weird, old strip mall that is full of ethnic shops. Alas we were drawn in by 1/2 price pizza...

We ordered a small salad, a spinach pizza with chicken and a mesquite chicken pizza. We were also given flatbread with intense pesto to start. The starters were simple and satisfying. The pizza however was amazing. It was soft and crisp. We both commented that the dough reminded us of the recipe one of our college friends uses for his pizza, a high accolade. The toppings were simple and delicious. The chicken was marinated in balsamic vinegar before being roasted. The garlic was abundant. It was the perfect thing for a Wednesday night. I bet we will be going back, 1/2 price or not!

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