Saturday, October 3, 2009


I traveled to Syracuse for a friend's wedding! It was a great celebration and along the way I got to sample some fantastic food.

We met some friends for lunch at Dinosaur BBQ. You walk in and immediately know that your booth will be worn in because the bbq is that good. I had a chicken and rib plate with collard greens and mac n' cheese. The chicken was rubbed with a lime salt and the ribs were perfection, both meats were so tender. The mac n' cheese was good, it had a kick but none of us could place the flavor. So, if anyone is heading there try the mac n’ cheese and see what it is hiding! The collard greens had lots of onions and a splash of vinegar at the end. Overall, it was the perfect meal before heading to our friend's wedding.

The bride and groom put a ton of thought into their menu! The passed appetizers were apricot crabcakes, vegetable spring rolls, olive crostini, and chicken satay. Pair that with a couple signature cocktails and we were off to a good start. I chose the garlic encrusted salmon which was full of flavor. The garlic must have been roasted because it was so sweet. I enjoyed a red velvet cupcake after dinner, it had chocolate chips in it which is such a great way to boast the subtle cocoa. I am going to have remember that addition! I even had the bartender recreate one of my favorite drinks from a recent vacation: bourbon, cointreau, and pineapple juice. The evening was great but the food just made it better!

Congratulations dear friends!


  1. Hey Liz!
    It sounds like you had a great time...I'm so glad! Love, Erin

  2. That was a good menu! Let's not forget about the late-nite munchies: sliders and fries and chocolate milkshakes to wash it down! Thoughtful indeed! -Nancy


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