Monday, September 28, 2009

Back to my roots

After reading my post title one might think that what is to follow will be a family recipe that has been passed down and perfected for generations.  While my family does have many amazing cooks and recipes, this post is dedicated to how they eat as opposed to what they eat.

My father's family loves appetizers.  To the point that family dinners usually consist of everyone bringing their best or new recipe.  This style of eating is found at celebrations, casual family dinners, and weeknight meals.  It was just that kind of night in my house.

We had hommos and grape leaves from our favorite Lebenese market.  Their hommus is the best I have ever had!  My husband grilled chicken which we topped with Chipotle cream.  Pair this with a side salad and I think we have a meal! 

I hope you give this style of eating a try.  It is always a hit in my house!


  1. 1st

    so you just wrap the grape leaves around the hummus or does it get pan fried or something. and what is that little fried tidbit on the side?

    This looks way better(and more healthy) than what I had for dinner last night.

  2. The grape leaves are eaten as they are. We love our hommus on cucumbers.
    The little fried tidbit is a dumpling from the Lebenese market. It had spinach, onion, and pine nuts in it. I think they put a splash of a vinegar in too because it tasted really bright.


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